CNC & SPM Machine Shop

  • Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure
  • High accuracy for Pump Components
  • Perfect Product alignment / Noiseless operation
  • Less wear & Tear
  • High Product durability
  • Better Pump Performance
  • High Volume with high consistency
  • High Product efficiency
  • Better Value added Product

Automatic Coil Winding Machine

  • Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure
  • Uniform / Accurate Winding copper Weight
  • Perfect insulation
  • Perfect Winding overhang / Forming
  • Accurate Winding Wire resistance
  • Accurate / Lesser Motor Load Current
  • Increased Motor Efficiency
  • Increased Power Saving (Less input Power)
  • Lesser Temperature Rise
  • Wide Voltage Operation


  • High Component accuracy maintained
  • Single piece flow
  • High Efficiency / Performance maintained in the controlled work station
  • Strict Quality Control Process maintained for better product
  • Better input material for Un-interrupted product flow Enhanced Product Efficiency
  • In built Quality Assurance at every process
  • Inter-dependent process control ensures defect free product at every stage


Balancing Process

  • Increase Bearing Life & Smooth starting
  • Less wear & Tear
  • Perfect Distribution of Rotor Mass
  • Very Minimum un balanced Mass
  • Uniform Rotor Torque
  • Better Low Voltage Operation
  • Better Performance with increased hydraulic efficiency Motor running close to the centre line with Minimum unbalanced mass and have high bush life